VZW Note 2 [ROM] N3BULA with Note 3 Features!

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    The Note 3 has been here for a while, and the Note 4 will be here in the fall. If you are still rocking the Note 2 then you may be feeling a bit left out since Samsung likes to add new features that are exclusive to the updated devices. In other words if you want the new features you won't find them in the Touchwiz updates for the Note 2. Instead you would have to go out and purchase the Note 3. If your phone is fully working it seems pretty wasteful to go out and drop another $700 just for a few added features. If you plan on sticking with the Note 2 for a while longer you don't have to miss out on the Note 3 features. There are plenty of Roms out there for the Note 2 that include all the new features. Developer "Lacousiere18" has released one of the more popular roms for the Note 2 to date. His rom was released in December and has already grabbed over 300,000 views over at XDA.

    This Rom is based on the VZW MJ9 Official Base. Some features include stock tethering enabled (wifi, usb, and bluetooth), Note 3 White theme, All Note 3 apps, Note 3 Software features, Choice Xposed Framework modules included, the rom is fully debloated, and includes on the fly rom control for ultimate customization. You will need to be sure to flash the MJ9 OTA firmware release before flashing this Rom. Beans had released an Odin flashable version to make this easy. Everything seems to be working perfectly on this rom and it is daily driver worthy. Head to the link below to download.

    Via XDA
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