[APP] Flash Image GUI - Flash Kernels and Recoveries from normal Android mode!

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    birbeck for the usual random java guidance, slushpupie for his previous java guidance, dodgejcr for extreme amounts of testing, and one_love_420 and shift for some great graphics!
    testers: JT-, couga6442, happytweak and many others I might have forgot in the furry of three days I built the initial app from scratch.!
    Thanks to SDX

    flash_image (bmlwrite) is an extremely useful utility for flashing custom kernels, boot logos (so far ONLY Samsung devices) and recoveries. This binary has made it possible to easily flash all these items and is used almost everywhere behind the scenes (i.e. in custom recoveries, packaged into kernel /sbin, etc).

    This android application, FlashImageGUI, is basically a GUI interface for the linux binary, flash_image provided by google in AOSP for loading custom kernels and recovery images onto the phone.
    This app allows the flashing of kernels and custom recovery images in normal android mode! For the Galaxy Nexus, I had to slightly tweak the application but all the tweaks turned out to be overall improvements!

    Current Device Support:
    Full Kernel (Anykernel and boot.img) Flashing and Recovery (zip file or image) flashing: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM and CDMA), HTC EVO 3D CDMA and GSM, Amaze, Vivid/Holiday, EVO, EVO Shift, Google Nexus S/Nexus S 4G & LG Optimus
    Full Kernel, Logo and Recovery flashing: Samsung Moment, Transform, Intercept and Acclaim - the s3c6410 series of devices
    Full Kernel (zImage) Flashing: Samsung Epic
    Check application version for updates

    Custom Recovery
    Supports both CWM and TWRP!

    Future Support:
    Will continue to test kernels as they are released to ensure compatibility!

    Install Directions:
    Install process is the same as any other .apk. Download to computer and adb push or mount sdcard on computer and copy over or download directly to the phone. Use any file manager, adb, connectbot/terminal emulator to install.
    My preferred method, maybe a bit technical: ./adb install c:\downloads\FlashImageGUI.apk

    Download Locations
    Market (99 cents!): Flash Image GUI
    Release version (free): Flash Image GUI

    Any questions, comments, concerns, or issues, please post in this thread or send me an email! Thanks for all the help and support!

    Q: Will this app support a marketplace to pick and chose kernels from?
    A: No. Use Kernel Manager!




    Please post any helpful feedback. I'm always looking to improve the application!

    Basic Troubleshooting:
    Troubleshooting after Rebooting:

    First step, when experiencing issues flashing is to RE FLASH the files again. Many times, re flashing again will clear up any issues. If not, see the issues/solutions below.

    Issue #1: If the device hangs or reboots while on the splash screen, the kernel (or packaged ramdisk in the kernel) is NOT compatible with your device!!!
    Solution for #1: Have to boot into fastboot and load the custom recovery to flash a known good kernel or restore a previously known good nandroid backup. Command: fastboot boot c:\downloads\cwm-recovery.img
    Issue #2: If the device hangs or reboots while on the boot animation, the ROM is likely NOT compatible with the kernel!!!
    Solution for #2: Have to boot into fastboot and load the custom recovery to flash a known good ROM/kernel combination either from a zip file or restore from a nandroid backup.
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