Android Wins: Ad Impression

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    It seems Android is taking ground on every front, with the latest reports saying it bypasses iOS in ad impressions this month for the first time. The report was done by InMobi who said in March of 2010, the Android platform logged more than 4.6 billion advertising impressions on its network. The iOS platform logged 4.4 billion ad impressions over the same period.

    This report was followed by the following quotes:
    "The introduction of Android has significantly accelerated Smartphone growth, as it brings a wealth of options to consumers," said InMobi global vice president of research and marketing James Lamberti.
    "With the increased focus on mobile from global publishers, advertisers and developers the mobile experience has reached the next phase of its evolution."

    This doesn’t mean much for us, but shows applications that are funded by ads are doing rather well and Android is doing even better.

    Source: Android tops iOS for ad impressions - IT News from