Android Tablets Slowly Eating iPad Marketshare

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    A new marketing study was performed by ABI Research, which shows that the Apple iPad is still the dominating tablet platform. While this is likely not surprising to most of us, what is interesting about this study is that it shows just how much and how quickly Android has eroded the tablet market away from under Apple's tablet. According to the marketing research, the iPad made up 55 percent of tablet shipments in the third quarter, but Android claimed a 44 percent share, which is a 14 percent decline for the iPad compared to the previous quarter. In fact, ABI's market analyst, Jeff Orr, came to the conclusion that this Christmas is likely the last holiday season we will see iPad in the dominant position. More than likely by the end of 2013 Android tablets will out-number iPads in market penetration. Here's a quote with a few more tidbits,

    Hmmm... I think most of our members could have told them this same thing without a time-consuming market analysis. We could see the writing on the wall months ago, just from watching things progress in the news.

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