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Android Ally email colors & Syncing Problems

Discussion in 'LG Ally' started by Trancedivine, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Trancedivine

    Trancedivine New Member

    Jul 11, 2011
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    Hi guys..I really need help here..and not sure if there is a solution or not...But I have an Android Ally..and LG tends to do automatic updates on our phones...well when I first got my ally about 6 months ago...my emails that came in had a black screen with white letters...then LG did an update...and now I have a white screen with black letter...which is so hard on the eyes compared to a black screen , especially at night..when viewing the emails...does anyone know how I can change this...or if there is some app i can change the color scheme??
    Also I have three emails attached to my ally..a yahoo, gmail, and Live.com accounts...and the syncing used to work on my live.com which is a hotmail based email..now my problem is...i have the syncing checked marked...but again, something changed, where when i delete from my laptop my emails, the live.com does not delete also what i deleted...only my yahoo, and gmail..
    this has been quite frustrating for me these two problems...and maybe one of you cell phone geeks can help me out?? and i hope someone out there knows what I am talking about here, and experiencing the same issues with this phone..