Amazon Video Allows You To Download TV Shows And Movies To Your SD card!

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    Have you ever been on a long road trip and hit a long stretch of dead space? We have all been there. Whatever video you are watching begins to buffer as you reach the edge of the deadzone until it finally drops out completely. It always seems to happen right when you get to the good part. Amazon has decided to put an end to this situation with video downloads. You can now download videos that are either purchased from amazon or amazon prime videos directly to your SDcard.

    This will be great for me and my wife. We are planning a cruise, and I normally don't purchase the on ship data as it is expensive and the speed leaves much to be desired. With this new feature we can download some content, and watch it when we like. This is also great for those of you on limited data plans. You can download whatever you like while you are on your home wifi then watch it without eating into your data plane. This is a good move on Amazon's part.

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