Alarm Clock Issues, Help?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by dylanb1, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Hello everyone im new here. I have a couple issues im hoping someone could help me with?

    I am on 4.2.2, i am not rooted. I have a Sony Xperia Z basically my alarm doesnt go off alot of the time and i know i am not sleeping through it as i am a light sleeper, i have all the correct settings, as i have tested the alarm for a couple minutes ahead of me and its gone off with no problems at all. It just seems that when im not on it over night it just doesnt go off. I have tried a factory reset and that didnt help, i have also cleared data on the clock in "apps". Could it be something to do with the phone being on charge? Also, i have never used any task killers so that cant be the problem, what are my options here? Does my phone just go into a deep sleep over night and struggles to respond? Only had it for a month and other than this issue i love the phone! Thanks alot to anyone who answers and sorry for the essay!
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