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    Well I made it this far without messing up my phone but yesterday I was getting my stuff ready to leave Physics lab and as I was pulling my paper off the high table it pulled my Nexus off and it feel directly flat on the screen. It didn't hit a side before it landed on the screen, it just landed flat. Expecting the worst I picked up to notice what I thought was no damage and not even a cracked screen. An hour and half later when I was home I noticed a red tint on the right 1/4 of the screen. As the day went on and through the night the tint started moving leftwards and behind it was a darker tint. I was going to just use my phone with the red tint until a new phone came out that I wanted but the darker tint area on my phone is very susceptible to screen burn. The icons burn into it after 3 seconds. I cannot live with this as the menu icon from messaging is already seemingly burned into my screen permanently.

    I'm thinking about going back to my original droid just for a month or so. My question is how does the activation between a 4g and a 3g phone go. Can I still activate my Droid at home, keep my SIM card and then activate my new 4g phone at home again without changing my contract (as the phone I will buy will be off contract)? Or will I have to go back into the store to get the new 4g phone activated and possibly even have to change my contract? Any help is appreciated!
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