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    Hi all,

    I have Droid 2 Global on Verizon. It is rooted and it had the Clockwork Recovery on it.
    I tried upgrading it a couple days ago OTA to Gingerbread but the install would fail all the time. Finally I found out that the problem was due to the Clockwork software. I followed these instructions to remove it:

    1. Reroot
    2. Get root explorer in the market
    3. Uninstall the bootstrap app
    4. Go into root explorer to system/bin
    5. In top right corner tap r/w
    6. Delete the file called hijack
    7. Delete logwrapper
    8. Rename logwrapper.bin to just logwrapper
    9. Reboot and it should be gone.

    I misread step 8 and made a mistake renaming the file. And after I rebooted the phone would go into the boot loop.
    I figured I would run the system recovery (Power + X) and restore everything to the system default, but the recovery chokes on me and at some point I get an error stating that the logwrapper file cannot be read or located. Something like this.

    My question is can I access somehow the file system on my phone now. Maybe in the recovery mode with USB?

    Thanks a lot.
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