A few music issues with TB

Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by perry1mm, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I had a DX before my TB and the music worked great and would quiet and continue playing when i got a notification of some type and when id hang up from a call go back to playing...that never happens on my TB, i always have to unlock the screen and go to the app to hit play. Really annoying. Any way to fix this normally on the phone, i thought maybe it'd be a setting but i see nothing about it.

    Also, my DX was bt synced with my car system and would display whatever i chose on the panel such as artist, album, song title, etc. But the TB only ever says "BT audio" so if a random song comes on and i dont know it from the start i have to unlock the phone and look. Not ideal while driving. I though maybe it was the htc music player but i tried the default one and same thing.

    Any easy solutions to this as im a big music listener. I actually love the Amazon cloud music player as i try to get the $5 album deals often so i keep a lot of music on there now...but it wont display through my car stereo either.

    Thanks a lot. They may seem like minor things but they were so easy out of the box on my DX that with Sense and HTC's attention to UI i feel like im missing something.

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