Music Player issues- play songs in alphabetical order? Play all songs by artist?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by Hodakaguy, Jul 31, 2010.

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    Coming from a Iphone to the X the music player is a little lacking. Often I will go into a certain artist and want to play all the songs by that artist, or thumb through all their songs to find a certain one. On the stock music player on the X this seems hard to do (maybe I'm missing something).

    if I pull up the music by artist and select a certain artist then it shows me all their albums (The iphone has the option at this point to select all albums and see all the songs of that artist in alphabetical order). The X doesn't give a option to select all albums at this point. If I go to artists and long press on a certain artist I can select play and it will start playing all that artists songs, then I can hit pause and go into the list from that point to see all the songs but they seem to be in a random order making it hard to find a specific song.

    Any ideas? I've tried a couple other players and haven't been able to find one that functions like the Iphone, makes it hard to quickly find one song.

    Am I missing a setting or ??


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