3G/4G working, not working, working, not working

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    Reposting this here as well, since it doesn't seem to be only related to my Nexus:

    My problem has been going on for almost a year. I have been through 6 phones and am now on my sixth. Original phone was a HTC Thunderbolt, then they sent me another, then they tried a Galaxy Nexus and then two more after that, a Motorola Razr M and now back to a Nexus. Multiple SIM cards, reset my profile on Verizon's side a couple times and three tickets opened for their engineers to look into. I've been through multiple supervisors and technicians there and just cannot get it fixed.

    The problem is that my service is extremely "wonky." I can be sitting on the couch next to my wife who also has a Nexus and I will be on 3G, she's pulling 4G. I'm at work, my co-workers who have Nexuses (Nexii?) and one that has a 3S are pulling 4G, I'm pulling 3G. Or maybe I show either 3G or 4G, but I'm getting NO data. OR I will just have an empty triangle where I *should* have service. Today for instance on my fourth Nexus, I was talking on the phone, and the call just dropped. Looked down, showed a strong connection and then suddenly, empty triangle. Wait about 60 seconds and back to 4G strong connection.

    I am at a loss here. A phone agent and a guy in the local store suggested that I have my phone number changed. I *really* don't want to do this at all unless it FOR SURE is going to fix my problem. Nobody could really explain why that would help it, so I feel like they are just guessing at troubleshooting the issue. Another suggestion was to change my gmail address, but this is sort of the same as above. I also have a decent amount of apps that I have paid for that I would prefer not to lose as well.

    I have been rooted previously (and had issues) and am currently not rooted (and still having issues). I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if someone could point me in the right direction. It's absolutely infuriating as it happens daily. I cannot stream music anymore reliably at ALL. Maybe this is just how 4G works, I don't know as the other people that I use for test purposes don't pull anywhere near as much data as I do. I never really had these issues on 3G, but I couldn't stream music on it. I don't use a ton, but significantly more than any of them. ~6-8 gigs per month compared to less than 2 for the others.

    < sucking up> Sorry for the long post, but I am sick of talking to phone reps that don't seem to know **** so I thought I might reach out to the real experts. </sucking up>
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