2 Touiteur questions.

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    i decided to go from Twidroid to Touiteur because everyone was saying it was so much better, so i decided to give it a try.

    Question #1: are there saved searches? i have 4 saved searches on twitter.com (sports teams) that i could access through Twidroid. i can't seem to find a way to access them through Touiteur. is it not a feature?

    Question #2: i decided just to type one of my searches into the search bar to see how it looked and worked. so i typed #mets. it brought me to the #mets search page which i like to sit on during the games to see the conversation everyones having. twitter.com and Touiteur matched with the current tweets on that search, but then twitter.com said "4 new tweets found since you started searching" like it should, so i hit the Refresh button at the bottom of Touiteur but the search didn't refresh. is there no way to refresh the search besides getting out of it and searching it again?