ZTE Planning to Launch Two Android 4.0 Smartphones at MWC Next Week


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Dec 30, 2010
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ZTE, the Chinese tech company that has released a couple of affordable Android Tablets not too long ago will be debuting some Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones at Mobile World Congress next week. The first one up is a flagship device with some pretty good specs. It's called the PF200, and here are some of its notable features:
  • 4.3 inch QHD capacitive touch screen
  • 8MP camera (1080p) & a front facing camera for video calling
  • Compatible across all the main LTE, UMTS and GSM spectrums
  • Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, WiFi, A-GPS
  • Digital living network alliance (DLNA) compatibility
  • Mobile high-definition link (MHL) for connecting to home audio and video devices
  • Near field communications (NFC)
  • Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich


The other phone, called the N910, is aimed at the budget prices segment, but still has some decent specs too. Here is a breakdown:
  • Compatible across LTE FDD, CDMA and EVDO spectrums
  • An unknown size WVGA (800 x 480) capacitive touch screen
  • 5MP autofocus and flash camera (1080p) & a front facing camera for video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and DLNA capability
The cpu's were specified as a 1.2GHz and a 1.5 GHz, but their press release left it vague as to which was which. It almost seems as if the higher-end phone will have a 1.2GHz dual-core chip and the other phone will have a 1.5GHz single-core chip, but we don't know anything concrete yet. Here's a quote from the ZTE website:

“These LTE devices are the fore-runners of a wide range of LTE devices ZTE will bring to the market in the coming months, and as more and more LTE networks come on stream,” said Mr. He Shiyou,Executive Vice President and Head of the Terminal Division of ZTE. “They will be feature products – among a very wide range of devices on display at the ZTE stand at Mobile World Congress 2012.”

ZTE will be on stand B145 in Hall 8 at Mobile World Congress 2012 which takes place at the Fira exhibition site in Barcelona, Spain from March 27-30.

Source: ZTE
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Jan 9, 2011
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maybe we will be lucky and it'll come to Verizon? and maybe its a dual core 1.5 for the high end one and 1.2 dual core for the lower end one? that'd be nice :happy3:


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Jul 13, 2010
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My guess is that they will have 1 Ghz or high single core processors.