Zoom Widget Designer (from the creator of Tasker)


Feb 1, 2010
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I know there are a lot of Tasker fans here so I thought I'd link to Pent's new project: Zoom Widget Designer

Zoom essentially allows you to create a widget without any programmatic skills whatsoever by integrating with Tasker.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Have Tasker update a text element with data from an RSS feed every half hour
  • have a photo widget which is updated whenever a new photograph is taken
  • put volume sliders right on your homescreen
  • fit 50 application icons on a single homescreen page
  • Create a "System Panel" widget with system information derived from the innumerable system variables polled by Tasker.
  • Actions in Tasker can be triggered by Zoom events, and Zoom widgets can be modified by Tasker events.
Currently Zoom is in public alpha, so not all features work, but if you want a sneak peek (and assist in refining the app) give it a go.
Thanks for the link, I am looking forward to this since I love Tasker.