Youtube Video Quality On Galaxy S


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Dec 11, 2010
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Hi, I was in the Verizon store yesterday, thinking about swapping my galaxy s for either a droid x or d2g because of the GPS problem and lack of froyo. Anyway while I was comparing my phone to the other two phones, I realized my YouTube quality isn't even half that of the droid x or d2g. Mine is grainy, and very low quality, while the DX and D2G it looked like High Definition and was perfectly clear. Is this just my phone, or do all galaxy S phones currently have this terrible video quality. I though the galaxy s had the best video quality so was very shocked when I noticed this.

Thanks for your help
The phones you saw in the store were connected to wifi, which automatically puts it in HQ mode. If you're on 3g, you need to manually put it in HQ mode. Once the video starts playing, press the menu button on your phone and click more, then high quality.
ok, i just tried that and it worked! thanks alot