Your thoughts on Att eating Tmobile


Nov 21, 2010
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What are your thoughts on the canibilism of AT&T and T-Mobile and how do you think its gonna effect Verizon?

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Well since At&t loves to cripple their Android phones I'm hoping it means better Android phones for Verizon. Maybe the next Nexus will come to Verizon first. Tmobile was very Android friendly and At&t is not so I'm just hoping the manufacturers choose Verizon first now.

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It's been my experience that the people who have T-Mobile have usually had an awful experience with one of the two bigger carriers. I think you will see some defection from T-Mobile for those users who don't want to be associated with AT&T.

Pure guess, but that's kind of what I'm hoping for. In reality, if they do truly keep T-Mobile its own company, maybe nothing will really change except AT&T significantly improving their network.
So does this mean AT&T&T

Lol that should be their new name

But I did read an interesting article (off of phandroid) where the person pretty much said this would stifle innovation, and I completely agree. I hope the government does not allow this to go through because then it will leave sprint with no choice but to get acquired by Verizon in order to compete. Meaning well have a choice of only between 2 carriers.

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Ugh I know I hope it doesn't pass either I like the diversity of all the carriers when it comes to android.
Android Flagship: Samsung (Galaxy PHONES)

Android Flagship: HTC (EVO)

Android Flagship: ??? No wonder they want T-Mobile...

Android Flagship (Debatable) Motorola (DROID PHONES)

And I hope it stays like that

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At&ts flagship is probably the Atrix.

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The merger has to be approved first.....
Let em do it, it'll be one big crappy network....

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