you do not need to root to access internet on your tablet and computer if you have jb


Jan 18, 2012
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I was trying to root last night because everyone said i needed to to be able to use my phone to transmit internet to my tablet and computer, so with many failed attempts with the root, probably because i didn't do a fdr on my phone, i gave up and dug a little deeper. I figured out how to do it without root, but before we go any further this is not making wifi tether work this is utilizing the ability of Bluetooth and USB tether. OK so to hook up your tablets all you need to do is on your tablet download the pdanet tablet app that is in the app store and follow the instructions....and to utilize your phone for internet on your computer just use your phone by way of USB tether with the pdanet app on your phone and downloaded on your computer, or if you can use bluetooth on your computer you can do that to... and bing bang boom you have internet access on your tablet and computer....and before all you start complaining that i mislead you at the beginning of this post because you thought this was for WiFi tether i am sorry because it isn't this is just a way so that the people that don't want to root and can use the USB tether and Bluetooth options without giving them a heart attack, this is for them and hopefully some day down the road pdanet will make the ability once again for us to use WiFi tether but for now these two options are just as good. Thanks everyone