Yet another battery problem


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May 25, 2010
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Someone else posted that they had a problem with the phone discharging and not charging when on the dock. Same sort of thing happened to me too. Put the phone on the dock when I got home (it was down to 20%), double checked that it was charging before going to sleep, then took it off the charger at 8:30am and it was only at 50%. Huh? After being on the charger at lease 12 hours?

But wait, there was more for me! So I get to work, plug in the oem wall charger and in three hours the charge went from 50% to 80%. Seems to be taking longer than usual. Unplugged it, turned it off, took out the battery and put it back together again. Plugged it back in and went to lunch. After lunch I looked at it and it was 100%. Hurray! I left it plugged in like that, afterall just a couple more hours til it was time to go home, then an hour or so later I looked at the phone and it was at 90%. What? Ok, so maybe it wasn't really at 100% before, right? So I left the phone. Looked again an hour later and this time it said 80%. That's it! I unplugged it and left it on my desk. After that it didn't seem to discharge any more than usual.

Anyone have any ideas on this discharging incident? or the slow charging?

So all of this was just yesterday, so thus far, it has only happened the one time. Also, I am not an intensive user, though I have a lot of apps - in an average day, I just send and receive a few text messages, might check the sports scores, maybe a glance at twitter, and at least one phone call a day to say I'm on my way home. Of course I did none of that yesterday when it was plugged in and charging (and evidently discharging).

I have all of these things am trying to do to get better battery usage (turn off sync, bluetooth, various widgets). Sync and bluetooth were already off at this point. Previously, I would have to charge the phone every night, but there would still be 30% or so left when I set it in the cradle (at this point, bluetooth and sync were always on).

I have the Spare Parts app installed and it doesn't indicate that there is anything unusual using up the battery (Android system and screen mostly). My phone is not rooted, it is a Motorola Droid, I've had it since the end of April.

Trying to figure out if it is a bad battery, a bad phone, too many apps/widgets, or just a series of flukes. Of course my husband's Droid is wonderful, and perfect. He can go all day on the charge and the phone is only at 60% after 16 hours.

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions...