Droid X2 battery losing charge in 5 minutes


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Jan 15, 2010
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Suddenly my battery will not hold a charge. I've turned off all displays and apps that use power. I've recharged the phone from scratch. The only things that are different since it worked properly and held a charge are (1) I bought a Verizon car charger a month ago and (2) I installed a new game (which I've since taken off). The phone will sometimes stay charged for an hour, and then suddenly turn from green to red, give a one second warning that battery life is under 15%, and then instantly powers itself off. When I recharge it with the wall charger, it will say it is charged in just 5 minutes and then it discharges in 5 minutes. Any thoughts?
Im having this problem except when my phone is plugged in the charging screen says ill have like a almost full charge. But when I take it off the charger and be doing stuff, 10 minutes later the battery will be flashing red and shut itself off. This is the most annoying thing ever, and the first problem I've had with my phone in the year I've had it. My phone is completely stock, never been rooted or anything, never dropped, etc.

Someone please help!
Yup, that's been happening here as well. I notice we've both had our phone about a year. Maybe the batteries are just awful and self destruct after about a year? So, I ordered a new battery - hopefully that's all it is. They're under $10 on Amazon. Fingers crossed.
Let me know how that goes! I dont understand why it started doing this, i havent downloaded any apps really, just randomly started like 2 weeks ago. The phone is completely fine if I dont use it.