XT912 Jellybean Glitch after Eclipse


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Dec 11, 2010
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So I have a XT912 and was using Eclipse Safestrapped and all. I was getting erroneous reboot problems and decided to change ROMS. I used Matts X912 Jellybean Utility and it took the data wipe option 1. I re flashed it like 4 times now and even rooted the phone using the utility but to no avail. I also reinstalled the Motorola Drivers on my 32bit Windows 7 machine. I do not have access to a 64bit till Next week ugh.

It's working but only barely as when it boots up into Jelly bean 1/4 of the screen is black and white stripes. It also throws some of the screen to the top right. If I swipe it clears up but I cannot use the phone like this. When I push the power button it goes to sleep it is very slow. Any ideas? Similar problems?

Im looking for an independent XT912 Jellybean ROM or any rom that will work lol but would like the same ROM my wife has on her MAXX but is there anything I can do to clear the phone other than clearing the data and cache? It apparently wasn't enough. Should I have gone to stock before I tried this? Anyways thanks for any help in advance. I know it's something simple I just don't flash very much and it's different on every phone :).