XT910 failed update,after that stucks


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Sep 17, 2013
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Hey guys!
I have bought myself a used XT910 with a Android 2.3.6 ''nonEFIGS reatail.en.eu'' on it.

I was started OTA update to ICS via Wi-Fi. Download pass normally,phone reboots,then green Android shows up and installation began,but at approximetly 80% it crashes,phone shuts down and after that it hang up on Moto logo.
Tried to go to recovery,but after I choose recovery it hangs up. I searched a little bit and found RSD lite and ICS flashing files.
Flash passes,I can enter recovery normally but it hang up on pulsating Moto logo.
Then I found JB leak for XT910,copied to microSD and installed from recovery.
Same story : update passed, but hangs up on pulsating Moto logo.

Phone is regulary recognized by PC,can enter recovery ...

What to do? :frown:

Thanks , and sorry for bad English.
The XT910 is a GSM version of the Razr. You need to make sure you are flashing a GSM ROM.

Hope that helps.

It didn't helped me,bit confusing,and it's not a solution for my problem.
Anybody else? :frown: