icons changing to blue gears repeatedly after latest update


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Mar 5, 2012
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--So after the last RAZR upgrade/update quite a few of my icons turned blue and were replaced with the gear logo signifying a corrupt or missing application.

I thought no problem a few icons were casualties of a pre ICS update. I can fix that. So I did. I deleted the icons and re-added replacement shortcuts. Problem solved right? Wrong! Without even so much as a reboot one or two days later the blue geared icons would reappear. I did the same thing again and even restarted it. Icons looked good and I thought that was the end of it. Less than 6 hours later blue gear icons again. :mad:

After reading several articles from this forum and a few others the consensus seemed to be that the issue is either a bad app or a bad update. Some even surmised that apps moved to the sd card were likely the reason. So I followed up all three leads.

1.) If you received a bad update boot up in safe mode: To do this... Press Power to turn the device back on. When the Motorola logo appears, press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the right side of the device while it starts. If you received a bad update the phone will not go into safe mode and reverting back to an old version of the software and then reapplication of the update is necessary. My phone went into safe mode nicely so "phew!" one less thing.

2.) Were any of the apps with blue gears apps that were moved to sd card. This is a possibility I did move almost everything I had my sd card and not all of my icons turned blue. Further investigation showed yes all the blue gears are apps that I moved to SD card. But none were acting up prior to the upate. Not wanting to underwhelm the captain overkill club I used not one but 2 apps to move my apps to SD card. Gemini and Apps2SD.

3.) Apps2SD seemed like the least likely to be the cause but as soon as I removed it, all my icons stopped holding their breath and returned to full color artwork.

So making a short story(not really) long not all apps are your friends. Some of them just hang around and make life more stressful than it needs to be.

Hang in there RAZR friends.



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Apr 2, 2010
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Nice work, Batman. Now others can benefit from your Dynamic Detective work! ;)

I recently found an app that was preventing me from installing apk files from the SD card or from website links, but installing apps from the market worked fine. The culpret was "Screen Adjuster" of all things!

I would never have guessed a screen utility would interfere with app installations. Just goes to show you that not every solution comes without a price.

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