XOOM pre-orders begin!

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Feb 18, 2011
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If you were looking ot get your hands on the Motorola XOOM 3G + Wifi version, here's your chance! After being pushed back from the 17th, pre-orders are finally available for the first Honeycomb tablet.

Finally there's no more rumors of price (though the rumors said this price) so you can get yours for $799.99.

You do have to activate the 1 month of data service in order to get Wifi enabled.

All accessories are listed below the device with set price don't forget to check them out!

Any of you ordering this one?

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Waiting for Wi-FI only. I need another data plan like I need another hole in my head. Even if its one month...Anywhere Im going to take it will have wiFi
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Waiting on Wifi as well and I need to play with one for a while before making a buy...
Yeah, I am in the "Waiting for WiFi only" version as well. No need for anymore data plans on my account either. The price tag as well, is, to steep for this current version of the XOOM.
I don't understand, and I know the iPad is the same, why are the 3G tablets MORE then the wifi ones?
Why doesn't the carrier give you a discount since you are getting a data plan?
I would think that would cost LESS, not more?
What did I miss?