Xiaomi Won't Be Bringing Phones To The US Anytime Soon!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Last year Hugo Barra made a promise that Xiaomi phone's would be making their way to the United States soon. His recent departure to Facebook may mean that his promise has gone with him unfortunately. We were all hoping to possibly see the Xiaomi Mi6 hit the US, but all signs point to we won't see any Xiaomi devices in the US for a while. There just isn't a strong and loyal following for the company in the US so far. The company is still one of the larger OEM companies and they have become popular in the 30 markets they serve by providing top of the line innovative phones at a much lower price then their competitors. The brand was the 2nd largest in India during Q4 of 2016 and 3rd in Myanmar, Indonesia, and Ukraine. They are still a large company my most standards however they are struggling to bring phones in quantity to the small markets they serve.

Wang Xiang, Xiaomi Senior Vice President, said in a recent interview with Engadget,
Even though we don’t sell in the US or Western Europe, we feel very sorry for not serving them well. What we’re after is a mass market, a massive impact, as opposed to a premium, elite thing. We want innovation for everyone.
He gave no time frame for a Mi6 release in the US. I for one am a bit disappointed that we won't be seeing these phones in the US, but you can still pay a bit extra to import Xiaomi devices through companies like bangood, and gearbest.

via Engadget


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