Xiaomi Holding a Press Event in San Fransisco on Feb 12th Starring Hugo Barra


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's a head-scratching bit of news for this Thursday afternoon. Xiaomi announced they will be holding a press event in San Francisco on February 12th, starring their new global vice president Hugo Barra (formerly the famous Google mobile product manager). Barra will be joining Xiamoi's president Lin Bin in a presentation.

What is strange about this is that they do not plan to bring any devices to the US markets yet. Supposedly, this press event is simply to introduce their "brand name" to the US market? Isn't that what a product is supposed to do? Regardless of their reasoning, apparently, they just want to say hello from across the ocean.

In fact, it was abundantly clear they have no intention of sharing a product for the US market at this event. Here's the quote from the Xiaomi PR exec, "We can also confirm that Xiaomi will not be launching in the U.S. or entering the U.S. market this time, but this is an opportunity to get to know the company and leadership a bit more.”

We aren't sure what to make of this, but at least it's somewhat of a start... <shrug> :rolleyes:

Source: AndroidPolice