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Nov 18, 2010
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For a month my phone has been rebooting one or twice a day. Oddly, it hates google the most, freezing the first time I use it every day. Sometimes it reboots itself. Sometimes I have to take the battery out. I have set up my peeps with their own ringtones. Sometimes they work. Sometimes someone calls and it rings with someone else's ringtone. Sometimes it rings with one of the ones that came with the phone. This sucks if you screen calls by ringtone. I'm not the only X owner with this problem, but so far no one has solve their problem so I decided to post my first post on the forum. My fiance has an iPhone and was jealous if my phone for a while but now he tells me all about how Apples don't crash. Please help.

Ps. I have not rooted my phone or anything. I do have a silly amount of frivolous apps. It's a Droid X. I've had it since the end of October. Until recently I loved it dearly.

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Well if your problems just recently started, I have to assume it's app related.
See if you can remember what you installed around the time your problems started.

As far as the unexpected ringtones, that used to happen on my D2, I think it only happened on my X once.

Oh, and tell your fiancee iphones don't crash because they are nothing more than app handlers. No true multitasking, can't install anything other than apple approved apps, and the screen is cluttered with icons like a PC. For all that it lacks, it better be stable.
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Any tips about the ringtones? I spent forever setting them up. Now "Bossy" plays when my fiance calls...

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Just make sure the ringtones are set correctly, it should play the wrong one every time.