Would you still recommend the X1 today?


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Feb 20, 2010
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I'm thinking of picking up the X1 (still some new developer phones out there with 32gigs of storage) because I really prefer the size to all the new phones (which are significantly bigger).

How has this phone worked for everyone as far as ram/lag?
How have the radios, call and data reception been?
How is battery life 1+ years in?

I run a very heavy home set-up with tons of desktop screens and widgets, but I don't play games or watch much video. I can get this new for $299. Would you recommend this for me vs. the X2 or upcoming Turbo rumored to be $600 retail (keep in mind I prefer a smaller phone than the Turbo)?

Also, I need root for a few apps and tether. Don't care about custom roms at this point (though I'd probably want to upgrade it to Lollipop).
Yes, just not on contract.
The X1 works quite well, radios are Motorola... Nothing more needs to be said about that. What can slow phones down is using lots of widgets and background services. You may or may not suffer with that given your heavy home setup.

What can also cause lag and stuttering/stalling is having too many apps installed and running low on system RAM. The X is a great phone and the size is very nice and manageable. It's very good to excellent on battery life. Overall the phone has been a relatively big success. I have a Dev edition and love it however it took a tumble and so the front glass got shattered. Since then I moved to the Droid MAXX but still run the Moto X when I need wireless tether since it's got the entitlement hack.

I think you will be genuinely happy and pleased with its operation but I would be a bit more selective about what you install if you want to keep it running smoothly.
I think you will be genuinely happy and pleased with its operation but I would be a bit more selective about what you install if you want to keep it running smoothly.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm struggling with 1gig of ram on my current phone, so I can't imagine that 2 would give me lag but like you said...Figure with ART I'd be looking at @600megs free, normally.

That's the main reason I'm interested in the Turbo because of the 3gigs of ram. To me what's great about Android is all the widgets and background services. And I'm an app hoarder, but again I just don't want to make choices because I actually do use 90% of them somewhat regularly.

Unfortunate VZW doesn't still offer the X1 so I could return if I'm unsatisfied. I suppose I could always return a phone purchased off Amazon, but who knows.
Yeah, I hear you. Believe me, if the Turbo was smaller like the X1, I'd tell you to wait for sure, but the X2 is a sweet ride. Maybe it can bridge the gap for you since it's likely smaller than the turbo.
I never even looked at the X2. Figured it has just 2gigs of ram (my main issue) and so I figured I wouldn't really "value" it for $200 more than the X1 since I'm completely ok with a 720p 4.7" display.

I'm going to check out the Turbo because 3gigs of ram and that huge battery...$300 more but if I can live with the size I'll probably have that phone for 4 years or more.
Definitely recommend, it's still a great phone and I believe it's getting Android 5.0 Lollipop as well.

I looked around for a bit for awhile.
As others have said I would still recommend it...especially if you like that size phone. My wife loves hers....says its the best phone I have ever bought her. She doesn't use a lot of widgets, bit does have quite a few apps installed and uses. She uses Facebook a lot, a ton of texts everyday, emails, watches You Tube videos, etc. and has decent battery life and has never lagged on her. Call quality has been excellent...no dropped calls, always nice & clear. All in all its still a great phone and Moto has said it will get android Lollipop.
I love my X. Though the lure of the Turbo is calling me. Still, I haven't had my X for an entire year yet so I probably will hold off. I just have no complaints with this phone. None. Even the battery life is sufficient (though you can never have enough battery).

I would highly recommend it. For how you are going to use it I don't see you getting a better deal then what you said above.
Same here. Not only would I recommend it, but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. In fact I should do that, so that I have one to activate if this one ever dies. This one is perfect, I don't want bigger. I don't need faster. I don't need anything else that my X doesn't have now.