Wireless Tethering Droid Incredible


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Dec 8, 2010
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I am kind of new at this. I have recently rooted my droid incredible so I could begin using the wireless tethering that I had heard about. It was awesome when I first did it. Everything worked fine and had no problems at all. One day my phone, while I was using the wireless tether, just started restarting itself over and over until I took the battery out to get it to stop. Ever since, the wireless tethering has not worked. It will start tethering but I cannot get an internet connection on anything that connects to it. I tried restoring it and reinstalling the app and still nothing. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do it would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome! Sorry you are having issues with your Incredible. I'm moving your thread to the Incredible tech issues section so that other Incredible users will read and reply.

Is Skyraider the only ROM you've ever tried? Have you tried installing another ROM or using a nandroid backup to restore to a previous state (like before a Skyraider update, for example)?
No the only thing that i have ever run is skyraider because everything seemed to work like i wanted it to so i just left it that way.
Not sure but thanks for helping but i realized that i had not yet placed the .bin file into the root of the sdcard and it is working great now. Thanks for the help. sorry for the trouble