Wireless tether? can't find.


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Apr 24, 2010
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I'm tethered via USB right now to use the internet on my laptop. However, I have heard talk of being able to use your Droid as a WIRELESS modem. Is this true? The wired tethering bugs me just enough to ask if there is a wireless solution.

I read this thread:

and all it did was the same thing my EasyTether is doing...except i had to be tethered already to use NetDrive...I don't know, maybe I wasn't doing it right. Either way.

Is there a way to get internet access via my Droid wirelessly?:motdroidhoriz:
PDAnet does Bluetooth wireless tether on Mac but it's not nearly as fast as USB tether. The only way to WiFi tether is with a rooted droid though.
Wireless tether without ROOTing

I just downloaded PDANet through the Market, and it offers data internet access via USB or bluetooth. Haven't tried it yet, but the reviews, rate it quite high.