Wireless printers and mobile hotspots. Will it work?


Nov 15, 2011
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I have a wireless network at my business that I run 3 computers and my Cannon MG5220 all in one printer on. I used a Verizon MIFI to run the network and it seemed to work well. Printing from any computer was easy and got the job done. I was running into overages though with the MIFI and decided to drop it and use my Razr Maxx with it's unlimited data to run the network. All the computers actually seem to run faster now, but even though my Cannon printer sees the network and connects successfully, I can not get it to print. My question is this. Am I mistaken in thinking I can use this type set up to run my printer? Is the fact the printer connected to the network a false assumption it should be working fine? Can anyone verify they are using this setup with success?
No one has tried using their hotspot to run a network with a printer? Hoping for some help.