Winners Announced: SwiftKey


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Sep 21, 2010
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After a long week, we thought it's time to give the winners their VIP access to pre release versions of Swift Key.
This isn't the same software you buy in the Market, this is the stuff that the Market gets 2 months later, so being a VIP is quite the experience.
Winners PM me please

Seriously, i love this forum! It tells me everything i need to know and since im new to the whole android thing, its like 20 times better! Swift key would be great for me to have because i'm a die hard texter at around 65 words per minute on a computer and 30 on my phone! I love android and this would make it so much cooler! I'd tell every one i know to get an account on this forum and it'd be so popular!
I'll give you that, but just in comparison... I do around 100WPM on my computer and 44WPM on my G2 ;)... Try texting me and your reply comes back almost instantly.
I'm going to make this short and simple. I text a whole bunch and unlike most people where they have these things called "fingers", I have 5 huge sausages hanging off of each palm. I can't even pick my nose without splitting a nostril!!! This little do dad would help me greatly and I would use it constantly. I took me 14 minutes to type this because my nostril boring philanges keep hitting all the other keys within a 2 key radius of the actual one I'm trying to hit. Please, Please pick me!!
Cool, enjoy

Well the story starts with a boy and his dog. The boy is feeding the dog his homework, like all good boys should. The boy learned that marinating his homework in A1 Steak Sauce greatly increased the likelyhood that Fido would do work on the homework. Since the boy never learned anything in school he has trouble composing text messages on his rooted Droid X. Swiftkey would make the boy's life easier. Scientists have proven that there is a sixty nine percent chance that if the boy were to win swift key he would go on to marry a beautiful woman (who would later divorce him and take half of his things), he would become the president of a failing company which he will single handedly save from chapter 11 bankrupcy only to be fired for using company computers inapproiatly, and finally move on to be homeless.
The boy in this story is probably not me.

Short, sweet, and to the point... I like
This contest is amazing! I slapped my mom because it was too unreal!
Slapping your mom for a chance to win :) dedication

PM me to get the access code to the VIP section. Please do not share this codes unless we can't do this again.