will be looking for help from devs/themers


Mar 26, 2010
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i caught the android bug as many have. long story short i want to start creating my own themes. using ninja morph to change 10,000 .png files just isnt going to cut it. i want to start from the ground up. ive read the basics and round one begins tonight. i expect to fail 100 times before i do anything right. eventually id like to take that experience onto possibly altering/creating my own ROM; if we dont have phones implanted in us at birth by then, i'll consider it a personal victory.

so im just looking for a head count of developers or themers that would be willing to answer my questions as problems arise in the future via personal messages. i promise not to bug you with too many petty problems and questions, i just want to know when i need help who can give me very reliable info, reference, sources, and advice. please pm me so that i have your name for the future if you would be willing to help out a noob.

i plan on going down a long and arduous road with or without help. help is preferred