Wifi Time out?


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Apr 16, 2010
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I think my WIFI connection on my home network randomly times out.

Sometimes I will be at home and turn on Pandora but it will only work for about 1 minute and then it will stop playing. I then open the web browser to check for a wifi connection and if I refresh the page it will go blank and the loading bar will slowly load like it's searching for a signal.

However, I do not have this problem at work when I listen to pandora 9 hours a day via wifi. Occasionally I will experience this problem when I walk between buildings but that's to be expected because the wifi drops.

Since it doesn't happen at work i'm assuming it's something with my network. But as I said, it sometimes works at home. The phone is about 15 feet from my Linksys E2000 Wireless N Router.

I believe the security on my home router is WPA2. Could that be a problem? Are there any other known problems with this phone? Such as connectivity issues with networks using WPA2 or not broadcasting?