Wifi tethering questions


Jul 16, 2010
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Hey guys,

So I tried to do some research and searching "wifi" just goes to so many threads about general wifi. I tried "tethering" too and this didn't seem to get me where I wanted to be.

Quesion 1: With mobile hotspot, does the Droid X actually have a rooter? Or is this still a computer-computer connection.

Question 2: What is the difference between "Wireless tether" and "Verizon's 3G mobile" apps?

If there are any threads talking about this, just point me there.
Verizon hotspot=$20 a month

Wifi tether=free (needs root)

android-wifi-tether - Project Hosting on Google Code

Thanks for response. I am actually using wifi tether already and got it working. I was wondering if there is any fundamental differences between the apps. I know the Verizon app supports multiple devices (8?), does wifi tether support this too?

Thanks for any info.
They are not the same app, but they are the same thing only different (like the 3G Hotspot connects with different credentials so VZW can turn that on/off).

Verizon advertises the 3G Hotspot as supporting up to 5 devices (it is the EVO that says 8). I forget how many the wifi tether app supports, but you said you have it working - so I guess I should ask you that. ;)

And, yes, the tether apps have to provide some basic router functionality. DHCP/IP addresses, etc.
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Verizons will report bandwith to them ...
I assumed it was like normal DUN tethering. The connection uses different credentials. The phone does not report bandwidth, Verizon tracks it - at least in that case. I assume 3G Hotspot is the same way - I cannot see Verizon trusting an app to report to them what they should charge.