Wifi Issues (not sure if it's hardware or software)


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Sep 21, 2014
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LG Optimus L9
So I've had my LG Optimus L9 for around 2 years now (granted I have a replacement now since my last one was stolen) but a few weeks ago the wifi started acting weird, it would randomly disconnect and reconnect periodically, not enough that it was a problem, it was just annoying. However, the problem got progressively worse within the next few days to the point where it is now, where it can detect my home network and it will say "saved, secured" but can't actually connect to it. I've tried just about everything (power cycling, forgetting the network and reconnecting, factory reset, messing with a bunch of modem/router settings, etc.) but I haven't gotten anywhere, I even tried to open my phone up (my warranty has already ended) to see if there was anything physically wrong inside but then again this is the first time I've ever looked inside a phone so it could be a hardware issue I just didn't notice, yet nothing appeared to be wrong. I want to say that the problem started to occur around the time of the latest OTA Android update on September 9th, that's the only thing I can thing of that could have changed between now and when it was working. So I was wondering if it's possible that the update messed up my wifi and if so is there anything I can do? Or if it's possible that it's a hardware issue, in which case what can I look for and how could I fix it? Thanks in advance!
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Is this happening at home or any wifi you try connecting too?
What security setting do you have your home router set to?
I haven't tried connecting to any other wifi networks so I should probably check that next, as far as security settings on my router I have it set to "WPA-WPA2 Personal" for the wireless security type and my firewall isn't enabled so that shouldn't be a problem. I didn't really think the problem was router related because there's nothing (to my knowledge) that has changed as far as router settings between the wifi working and not working, I'm the only really computer savvy person in my family so I'm pretty doubtful that anyone else would have messed with the router settings, much less know how to actually access them. Though, this isn't exactly my area of expertise so I'm open to any suggestions/advice you have for me, thanks for the reply!