wifi hotspot questions


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Mar 3, 2011
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Detroit, MI
I'll be getting my first smartphone next month, so I'm not completely familiar with the workings yet, but right now, I have a few questions for anyone who's played with the wifi features of their Droid.

I'm considering setting up a home wireless network for my parents, and while they have no source of internet other than satellite. They're interested in using a wifi hotspot, especially with 4G on the horizon.

Would the phone act as a router when devices are connected to it (e.g. if I connect a laptop and printer to the wifi hotspot, will I be able to print from the laptop)?

In order to leave the network intact when the phone is unavailable, can the phone be connected to a wireless router as the source of the internet connection in some way?

Can a wireless repeater be set up for use with the phone?

(I'm a little unfamiliar with repeaters, it's something I'm considering for my parents - if a repeater were set up and the phone were taken out of range of it, would all devices disconnect? I'd imagine yes, since a router would no longer be present.)

Any suggestions? Thoughts?