wifi, bluetooth, and cable tethering


Jan 18, 2012
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I have seen posts a few days ago about the loss of being able to use fox fi/pda net but have not seen any solutions so I am asking if there are any? I have a nexus 7 that I am trying to pair using bluetooth since the wifi won't even start because of the jelly bean update and bluetooth isn't working because once I try to hit the share Internet nothing happens it just says connecting than goes back to original state... I can hit it 100 times with no results... So are there any solutions to these problems with fox Fi and pda net WITH OUT ROOTING?
Is that's the case how hard is it to root, and what other things can I do once I root... Can I have all the information you have about rooting along with the benefits and as I said what I can do with it etc. Please and thanks
Run a search on the topic and you will find a ton of information. I was scared to root myself. I used the Razr Blade hack and it took about 5 minutes. It is a utility that you install on your home PC, plug in your phone and run the utility. Then used the following app to activate my WiFi hotspot and now able to use my tablet with my phone as the hot spot.

I got it to work

BlueVPN is your answer. I got tethering to work by loading BlueVPN on the Nexus, and BlueDUN on my phone (Samsung Intercept). And my phone is only at 2.2. I could never get wifi tethering to work, and I tried every app out there.