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Jan 6, 2010
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Before you begin reading this, I'll warn you: it's going to be kind of long. Some of you will move on. That's okay with me, but I know this is the place to ask and receive answers.

:iphone: VS :greendroid:

Why I'm Writing This
Lately, my mind has been going in the wrong direction: Apple. I used to be an Apple Fanboy-Wannabe (I had a Mac and an iPod, and was set on getting the iPhone), but the Motorola Droid turned me in the other direction. I don't know if it was because it was on Verizon or because I didn't want to be like everyone else, but I chose the Droid. It was okay for a while; then I rooted it. From then on, I loved everything about the Droid. You know everything I know, so I won't go into detail. However, lately (yes, I know it's an old phone) my Droid has been slowing down consistently. Flashing ROMs was a pastime for me; now it's a burden, but necessary. The reason I'm writing this is because I need some input. I need opinions. Convince me to stay with Android, or convince me to switch to the iPhone. I need you, community.


After seeing the redundancy of iOS year after year, I have no doubt that, at this moment, I would chose Android every time. Its notification system, its boring layout, and the overall holier-than-thou attitude that Apple seems to have about every one of their "magical" products is announced. I was to the point of hatred with Apple. That was the AndroidFanboy, or Fandroid, whatever, talking. It wasn't until last week that I actually considered the things the iPhone did well: everything else. Whether we like it or not, Apple knows what they're doing and their technological empire is constantly growing. The main reason for my thinking is stability. iOS is made for the iPhone. The iPhone is made for iOS. And honestly (I feel like I'm talking about Voldemort) "It just works." The fluidity of the iPhone is unmatchable, the app marketplace is constantly decreasing in their monopoly, but still, they have quite a lot more, and (as locked down as it is) iTunes works really well. iOS was designed around all of these things, and for that reason, it is fantastic. However, customization is the game-changer. I love widgets, I love app drawers, and I LOVE notifications. I love having everything work the way I want it to work, not how Apple wants it to. There are work-arounds, though.


Jailbreaking can fix most of these problems. I've already found jailbreak apps that allow both widgets and a HUGELY improved notification system. Basically, bringing what I love about Android to the iPhone. That's where I'm left thinking. Why not get an iPhone, which obviously has a much better (for lack of a better word) environment, and easily implement the things that make Android great? To me, it seems like a win-win, but only if a few things happen.

iPhone 5

If Apple steps up this year with iOS 5, they'll have my eye on them, but ONLY if these things happen (unfortunately, they're very likely)
1. iOS 5 focuses on upfront information (widgets, etc.) and notifications
2. iPhone 5 comes in 2 varieties: 3.5'' screen, and 4'' screen. I need a 4'' screen.
3. A5 processor (already confirmed)

Well, there it is. I may have started looking for a bandwagon to hop on, but not for hopping on the bandwagon's sake. Apple just makes good products. Convince me otherwise, Android Community.


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Nov 30, 2009
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Closing thread. Basically the reason is we are a Droid Forum, not an iPhone Forum. If you want to post something like that please post it somewhere like at our sister forum, I think it's www.iphone.net. But posting that here is just going to cause a lot of trouble.
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