While texting or browsing the phone locks up when there's an incoming call


Jan 18, 2012
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Astoria, NY
Hi all, maybe I'm doing something wrong I don't know. First time this has happened to me with any phone. If I'm texting someone or just using the web browser and while I'm doing those things and there's an incoming call I cannot answer it. I tried pressing back, home button and it just stays there on the text screen or web site and I miss the call. Either the call stops then I can go back or I have to power down the phone. Is there a setting I should do?

Update now when someone calls, it doesn't show anything...I can hear the call but the screen just sits there with no option to answer it :(
Neither action is normal, and there should be no settings that would make it act that way. How long have you had it? Is there data on the phone that you can't afford to lose? If not, I might suggest a FDR (Factory Data Restore).
Have you installed any third party Apps yet? It's quite possible that something you're running in the background is tying up the OS when a call comes in, possibly a custom dialer or launcher?
Well I figured it out yesterday. I was so disable app happy that I had show notifications unchecked for dialer. haha duh me. Well now its ok :D
LOL, OK, that's great. So now we ALL know not to uncheck that and expect it to work properly. Thanks for being the guinea pig (unknowingly). ;) More importantly, thanks for sharing this with the forum. We apreciate any solutions, whether provided by us, other members or the OP themselves as it was here.

Now don't be a stranger here. We'd love to see you participating in other discussions and being more active going forward. :D
Well I figured it out yesterday. I was so disable app happy that I had show notifications unchecked for dialer. haha duh me. Well now its ok :D

Where is that located in the phone settings ?
Where is that located in the phone settings ?

settings > Applications > All > Dialer

Should look like this with the option you are looking for circled :

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Thanks again FoxKat. I didn't mind being the guinea pig :D Your welcome for the share. Now I hope others see this and leave it checked :D I was about to go back to Verizon and ask them to check my phone haha. I will try not to be a stranger and join in the discussions. Thanks again.

I have a somewhat related issue with my new Turbo. Specifically, when an incoming call comes, if my phone happens to be lying face up I have no problem answering. However, if I have to take my phone out of its Otter case -- where it generally is -- I just get the lock screen (and the phone keeps ringing) -- and I can never type in my password quickly enough to answer the phone then. How can I make sure the incoming-call interface (the one where I can answer, decline or text-respond to a call) stays front and center?

Thank you!
It might be the screen protector from the otterbox causing this.. I use an otterbox defender bit the screen protector is pushed out and adhesive removed.. And this doesn't happen

Apparently the app Application Protection causes this problem -- even though it does not also force me to fill out the PIN for Application Protection itself when I try to answer the phone.

If anyone knows of another good app for protecting individual apps which doesn't have that side effect, please send it my way. Thanks!