Which ROM is best?!?!


Jul 2, 2011
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Winter Park, FL
I was wonder your guys opinion on which ROM is best. I want a ROM thats light and really good with battery life. But still has a lot customization. I'm pretty new to this. The only ROM I've tired is Liberty on rooted froyo. I've upgraded to TBH's GB, and was wanting to flash a good ROM.

Please weight in your thoughts

I've used CM7, very very customizable. The huge downfall was the battery life. Not impressed at all, but with nightlys coming out daily they should have it fixed quick enough.

Right now im running Liberty 0.9 and it also very customizable. And battery life it GREAT. So im sticking with Liberty maybe until CM7 gets more of the major bugs worked out and the battery life get attention.
I might have to go with liberty than. I want to have a stable rom with good battery power. I hear liberty bring out a lot of updates too

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for me i had more issues with LGB.8 than CM7 and the way theme chooser works its so much nicer than the LGB theme option, Also had less FC and no random reboots/lock ups using LP. I have always like the idea of CM and there is no other rom that gets as much support. Also DSP Mgr is nice to have. My only complaint is the Youtube bug but everything else seems to work.
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Great, I'll try CM7 out next. I just installed Apex...I'm gonna run this for a week or so to see how it is. So far so good. I'm still pretty new to all this, so I don't notice all the tweaks and things like that.
Congrats. Apex is the smoothest, most stable ROM I have ever run.

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Try 'em all out and see which one you(or your phone)likes best!!

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Congrats. Apex is the smoothest, most stable ROM I have ever run.

Apex 2.0 Revolution

Thanks, What is that link you have in your signature? "TBH untether patch"

Does that allow you to WiFi tether on GB?!?!

The tether patch does. The mods removed it from my signature but left the tether unpatch. Check your PM box

Apex 2.0 Revolution
I'm loving Apex so far, as of right now, I would have to say it's my favorite ROM. I'm gonna check out Liberty, and AOSP next.
Liberty AOSP is basically the same as Apex. As a matter of fact, Fabolous helped build it.

Apex 2.0 Revolution
Using Liberty GB v0.9. However, rooted GB is really nice. All the features I want and more stable than ANY ROM. Just as fast, too, from what I have seen.