which one did sell more on the launch date: Droid X or Droid 2


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Jul 15, 2010
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Does anyone know? I'm just curious...

Droid X was sold on on the first day. I just checked the Verizon Website and Droid 2 is still available for the normal shipping.

But this doesn't meant that Droid X was sold more than Droid 2 on the its launch day because it depends on how many they had for sell on that day....

Do you think people tend to buy more Droid 2 than Droid X since it's new?

I went to the store to try Droid 2 yesterday but I left kinda it had a small screen (maybe I got used to see the big screen of Droid X) and keypad. A physical keypad was still weird to type on...

Just wondering how did Droid 2 on the launch date and how people think about it (especially Droid X owner....)
My gut feeling, and I've had my Gut recently calibrated so it can't be off by much :), is that the X will be the highest seller of those two. There was a "buzz" from the general public about the original Droid and the Droid X that I just didn't pickup on for the Droid 2. I've dropped by a couple of Verizon stores and the excitement associated with the D1 and the DX is not there now for the D2. I hate this because the D2 is an outstanding phone.