Which browser are you using?

I don't see too many people on ROMs complaining any more about it than other browsers, but I wouldn't be surprised if that factors in somehow, especially if it affects the antenna.

When I was in the Razr HD ROM community, you'd see it every time. Someone (including me) would say "it seems Chrome is kind of slow" and people would ALWAYS reply: "Chrome sucks, use AOSP!" :D
Wow interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out on the forums and see if the Turbo has similar issues, thanks for the fyi. It's fascinating though. Those silly Android phones and their (in)consistency...what happened to equality in this country?!

I was getting tired of Chrome anyways, I look forward to trying and testing it against this CM
After reading this post, I decided to try cm. I'm a die hard chrome fan, but I will be using this for most of my mobile browsing. Super fast, does what I need, so far. <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/tapatalk-emoji/emoji39.png" />

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For now
Well with all the hub bub about it I too had to download and try CM. So far I like it.

Note 4Tified

2 items :

1) With CM I cannot upload pics to my photo bucket. On WiFi or 4G.

2) Go to yahoo mobile. Try to scroll right to left on the top stories. With CM it doesn't scroll.

Both are no problem with Firefox or Google Chrome.

Other that this, so far, I like CM.

I've been using Next browser for a while now and have no complaints.

I'll check out CM though.