Where did the call listen control go?


Apr 26, 2010
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Hello all.
When I got an incoming call, or when I made a call for that matter, there used to be a button, on the lower right hand corner of the screen I believe, that allowed me to choose between making the call on the speaker the phone or the bluetooth headset.
Now that button has changed to contact and tasks me to my contact list.
I must listen on whatever the default is.
Anyone know how this changed and how i change it back?


Loving my rooted bloatfree Rezound!
Are you on a ROM? Did you change anything? Default phone screen should be the same, Sensed or not.
Yeah, I know.
I'm on the stock ROM, rooted with quite a bit of bloat removed, including sense.
I'm using launcher pro.

The only goofy thing that I can think of that has change is I got an OTA bug fix that I downloaded and installed. I think because I froze some of the boat it keeps reinstalling. When I check the OS status in the settings menu it always shows that it got installed on the day that it last tried.

I've noticed no other changes since that update doesn't really effect my Rezound or the apps that I use.

I wonder if I have to go back to factory specs to let the update work, then refreeze the bloat.

Does that help?

Loving my rooted bloatfree Rezound!
Figured it out.
User error.
The keyboard was up and hiding the buttons.
Sorry to bother you all.

Loving my rooted bloatfree Rezound!