When u unplug it goes to home screen not slide to unlock


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Jul 4, 2010
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Motorola Turbo 2
I have a one touch dialing widget on my home screen which I hit sometimes when taking phone off charger is there any way to have the phone stay locked when I remove from charger?
I'm not aware of any built in setting that will keep the screen off when you unplug it. I think it was just designed that way. Do you have a lock screen PIN or pattern setup? If so the lock screen should be on when you unplug it and wouldn't accidentally hit the quick dial widget.
@sajokaz is correct. The phone is desgned to wake both when you connect, and when you disconnect the USB Charging/Data cable. It is a way to confirm that the phone recognizes the action taken and so you can be sure it's working properly. I imagine that there may be a custom ROM out there for your phone which may either give you the option to turn that feature off, or may simply not wake up. Otherwise I know of no solution to your dilemma.

Perhaps you could move that widget to another part of the screen or even to one of the screens to the left or right to avoid hitting it altogether? Just a thought.

Good luck.
You can also charge with a wireless charger. That doesn't wake the screen when you remove the phone from the charger.
I now have an lg g4 which not only wakes the screen it makes a sound when connected waking up sleeping people they show have options to turn off