WhatsApp not retrieving contacts


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Jan 13, 2012
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Hi guys,

Need some help with WhatsApp on the Droid.

Seems that I managed to get all my Google/FB contacts onto my phone, but here's the problem, I can't seem to pull contacts into WhatsApp. With the new version of WhatsApp, what it does is it pulls any contact with a phone number and if the person is a WhatsApp user, it pulls their contact as well and add it onto my WhatsApp contact list.

I am currently unable to do so, I am not sure why this is happening but when I manually add a contact into my phonebook, it appears on my WhatsApp contact list.

What I'm figuring is that when I manually add a contact, it is adding it into my Sim contacts (Where WhatsApp pulls contacts from) and my other contacts that are pulled from Google/FB are being saved on my phone itself.

Does anyone know how WhatsApp retrieves contact information? My friend has the same phone and his one automatically pulls the contacts from Google/FB contacts into his WhatsApp.

Anyone?? Someone must know! :p
Since your Whats App conversation history is not stored on our servers, we cannot retrieve any deleted messages for you. Load WhatsApp>Go to Settings>Scroll to the bottom and select "Email Conversation">From the "Chat History" screen, select the conversation you would like to save. >Select if you want to "Attach Media" or email the conversation "Without Media".>Enter your email address and hit send! So you can recover whatsapp from Android now!