Whatsapp notification in notification panel?


Oct 15, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy S4

The [active applications](long press home>active applications) does not show whatsapp inside the list.

Q1) I am using Samsung S4, I have whatsapp installed, if someone has whatsapp me during the time that I did not turn on data/wifi, at the moment I turn on data/wifi, immediately I will get notifications from whatsapp in the notifications (top drop down bar) and I can swipe down the top bar to read the whatsapp message inside the notification panel. When I read the whatsapp notifications message inside Samsung S4 notifications panel (I did not tap on whatsapp icon, I did not read it inside the whatsapp), will the sender see two ticks in his whatsapp?

Q2) When the whatsapp notifications appear in my S4 notifications and I read it inside the notifications (I did not tap on whatsapp icon, did not read it inside the whatsapp), will the "Last seen" status be updated to the date that I see the whatsapp message in S4 notifications?