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Nov 11, 2009
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Just looking for a future home to satisfy my new hobby of having my first smartphone (Motorola DROID) which I should be buying within the next day or so.

Since I really have had no choice but to use Verizon these past few years (only carrier that works near my home) I have really been dieing for a good phone to be available on this carrier.

I must say, I'm a huge fan of anything google related, so to hear that an open source, google OS shipped on an impressive smartphone device with good specs AND be available on the Verizon network is just huge for me.

I currently have a SAMSUNG Glyde and I don't want to be disappointed this bad, ever again. This phone is a total piece of crap, seriously, don't ever recommend it or let someone buy it, ever! The touch screen on this phone has so many issues, I can barely navigate it without repowering the device, because it will go way out of syn on the touchscreen and restarting the device is the only way to temporarily fix that. Its also nearly impossible to click on anything small on the screen. for example, I counted about 50 or so consecutive clicks trying to preview a ringtone by pressing the preview button on verizon's app. The app wouldn't even letm e use the phyiscal keyboard to select the button! I went through 2 replacements and several trips to the store for software updates and nothing has helped me. So, with that said, I'm ready to move past my pain and into the glory (hopefully) that is DROID!

This phone will hopefully do everything, and more, than what I was expecting to get when I bought my Glyde. SAMSUNG blows hardcore monkey ballz, at least for phones!
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Nov 4, 2009
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Germany, Near Frankfurt/Main
Heya and :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

To your personal new home :D
Well, i only heard good of samsungs so far, but never the lass i wouldnt classify them as smartphones though :) So, good you made it to DROID!

Now, take a seat and enjoy posting, reading and asking :)