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Jul 18, 2011
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Hey guys whats up! Im new to the Droid community and this Thursday im getting an upgrade from my BlackBerry Bold 9650 to a droid phone. Ive been very familiar with the droid OS due to my girlfriend having the original droid on release date.

Now heres the thing, Im currently stuck between 2 phones: The Droid X2 or the Droid 3. I know the MAIN difference between the two is the Droid 3 has a physical QWERTY keyboard. I like both phones but I dont know which one to go with. What would you guys take if you were down for an upgrade between the two?

Lastly I cant wait to browse around the forum and jump into some great threads.

Bye Bye BlackBerry!!!!!:icon_evil:
If u don't care about 4g I would say incredible 2.

I've been hearing a lot of people complain about the x2. Maybe the d3 would be better
I too heard some people having problems with the X2. Would it be better for me to get the Droid X as compared to the X2? Or still go with the Droid 3 or another android phone like you stated the incredible 2
I would vote Incredible 2 if you don't want 4G.

I had the d1, moved on to incredible (free upgrade from verizon) but I never used it I traded it for a dx. Now I have a thunderbolt.

The dx was a GREAT phone. The thunderbolt is my favorite and I really love sense. It's smooth, nice...just better than motorolas blur.

The thing I like about the d3 is they increased the size, dual core, front facing camera. But I love htc products.

U should go into the store and see for your self. What I like might not be what you like. Go into the store and literally play with each phone for half hour each. Test everything from camera to internet.

Do you not care about 4g?
Well the Droid 3 has the fastest processor and a keyboard with a 4inch screen, so I would say that.

The Incredible 2 has HTC sense if that interests you.
The X2 has the biggest screen.

There are also Verizons 3 4G phones, but I have heard some problems with them. I don't own any so this is just from what I have heard.

Thunderbolt- Battery life complaints
Charge- Processor speeds aren't great
Revolution- LG's interface isn't the best (can use LPP or ADW)
4g i dont really care about. I know in my area 4g is not really in full effect. So to me 4g is not something im specifically looking for. but dont get me wrong. 4g is would be nice to have when it would come in my area.
Inc2 or D3. Those are my picks for my upgrade date, 9/29 lol
I know i might get flame for this question. But in a nut shell, whats the main difference between htc sense and motoblur. Since the Inc2 is HTC and D3 is Moto
I know i might get flame for this question. But in a nut shell, whats the main difference between htc sense and motoblur. Since the Inc2 is HTC and D3 is Moto

Not sure what to say, but you can look on YouTube and see some differences. I have had both and ended up on a 3rd party launcher anyway.

Usually I would say HTC Sense is my favorite, but the new blur on the latest Moto devices changed my mind.

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Alright guys so this past Thursday i got the Droid3. I love the phone!
Yea a lot. Besides the feeling of being in a different county lol since im coming from BB. Having a couple issues with some of my apps like Twitter and kinda unhappy with how the multiple email accounts are. (my father has the Samsung Fascinate and the multi-email colored tab is fantastic). Still getting my feet wet with what apps to have and not have. Also looking around the forums to get ideas on how to customize my 5 screens with what widgets n ect.

Any recommendations/ideas?
I'd say the Droid 3 or Inc 2.. I love my Droid 3 but almost got the Inc 2. Keyboard was the reason I got the Droid 3 in the end. Nice upgrade from my Droid 1.

By the way, welcome!

Edit - Nevermind, seems as though you already got it. Welcome to the Droid 3 family!