What's next?


Feb 15, 2011
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With all the talk of the bionic coming and where/when/if the gs2 drops, has anyone heard or know of what is coming out next? Seems like everyone is caught up on these two phones.
I'm not sold yet, the only thing the bionic has over my Dinc that I would really care about is 4g, screen size I like what I have and dual core doesn't seem to be a game changer quite yet.
Before I shell out the mountain of cash they seem to think these phones are worth and be locked into it for 2 years, they need to step it up and give me something that breaks the mold rather than stretching it.
While they are at it, let it be my device. Don't lock or bloat it down, if I buy the damn thing I should be able to put whatever app I want on it.

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Hit the usual rumor mills (Boy Genius, etc) if that's what you're after.